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Gold Medal
Silver Medal
Bronze Medal

Awards made by the Society may be in any of the following forms.


Gold Medal
Silver Medal
Bronze Medal
Certificate of Merit
Letter of Commendation
In Memoriam Certificate


Awards are made for acts of bravery which are directed towards the saving of lives and where the rescuer's own life was endangered or put at risk.

An award may be awarded posthumously at such a level as would have been warranted, had the nominee survived the attempted rescue.

Some of the types of cases which may be considered for awards by this Society include fire, motor or other accident, attempted suicides.

All rescues or attempted rescues from drowning provided the rescues are accompanied by personal risk.

It is preferred that all applications are accompanied by the statements of  two eye witnesses. Statements are required to be in the form set out in the application form.

Copies of those forms can be found on this web site.

The Executive Officer, Gareth Murfitt, will be happy to provide assistance with the completion of an application.

The Society has considered some 1,744 applications for awards to date. Frequently more than one individual was involved.

2,191 people of all ages have been recognised for acts of bravery and the following awards  have been made.

Gold Medal                                     22
Silver Medal                                 232
Silver Medal Posthumously            2
Bronze Medal                               757
Bronze Medal Posthumously          1
Certificate of Merit                       679
Letter of Commendation              417
In Memoriam Certificate               81

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